VOA Officers

2017-2018 VOA Officers

VOA Officer Position Description/Requirements
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President: TJ Laquidara

The VOA President presides at all meetings of the VOA and with the advice of the VOA Advisors creates agendas for VOA meetings. The President is also responsible for overseeing all the VOA officers, VOA programs, activities and VOA training initiatives with the assistance of the VOA Advisor and Council Professional Advisor for Venturing.                                                       

Vice President of Program: Rickey Rubio

The VOA Vice President of Program serves as the Officer that assists with programs of the VOA and assists the Venturing Professional Advisor in creating event budgets with the help of the VOA Treasurer. 

Secretary: Jadah Foltz

I've been in the venturing program since February 2016 for Crew 288 in Ponte Vedra. Since then I was elected president, attended NYLT, completed my Vision, staffed Woodbadge twice, achieved the Discovery Award, and have now joined the officers as Secretary. I enjoy writing, both fiction, and nonfiction, and helping everyone stay organized. 

The VOA Secretary is the officer in charge of communication, keeps all official records, and maintains the minutes for all VOA Meetings.

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Historian: Lawrence Dutton

Hi I'm Lawrence and I like to take photos! I use a Canon SL1 for digital photos and my Konica for film photography. I wouldn't say I prefer one to the other, I just capture different types of photos on each with obviously different mediums. As an officer I hope to take a TON of photos that we can all look back on at the end of the year and reminisce about the good ol' venturing days. I have some ideas for things I could initiate if they aren't already (such as a photo album/mini yearbook of sorts for venturing) but I'm always open to suggestions and criticisms. 

The VOA Historian is in charge of documenting all VOA Events through photos and videos. The Historian works with the VOA officers and webmaster to post pictures on the website. 

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Vice President of Administration: Janet Bromley

    I have been participating in venturing for four years now, with this being my third year on the council officers association. I have participated in NAYLE, NYLT, and venturing blast, as well as staffing both NYLT and NAYLE. I love venturing and it has been such a blast helping staff these VSWs. I hope that this year will be as amazing as the previous!

The VOA Vice President of Administration handles the administrative duties of the VOA and assists the webmaster of the VOA Website. 

Vice President of Training: Joshua Robert

The VOA Vice President of Training assists with youth Venturer Training events at the Council level and works to support Venturer training at a District and unit level.

Treasurer: Miranda VanZyl

The VOA Treasurer is the officers who assists with the creation of event budgets and assists the adult advisor in charge of registration for events.