Hopefully you have seen my messages the past couple of months about the 2013 National Jamboree!  I know some of you have because we only have 2 SPOTS LEFT!!  We have 2 crews of 8 venturers going to the Jamboree and we have all but 2 spots filled and we are still 14 months away.  If you are thinking about going do not wait!  Get registered and secure your spot now!!!  When we fill the last 2 spots we will create a wait list, so even if we are filled go ahead and register and put in your initial payment because we will gladly request another Crew if we have the participants.  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity because:
This will be the first Jamboree at the new high adventure base known as "The Summit".
This will be the first Jamboree that Venturers can go as participants and not as staff only.
North Florida does more than just go to the Jamboree, we have side trips planned to Colonial Williamsburg (can you say Busch Gardens?), Adventures on the Gorge ( white water rafting, canopy zip line, or horse back riding).
And last but not least you will have the opportunity to travel with the most awesome and coolest adult leadership in the country!!  We are up to whatever the challenge is and whatever the youth can throw at us.  Make no mistake, we are competitive not only between the troops (and crews) but between the youth and adults!!
Your adult leadership have been meeting for months now making sure we do everything we can to make sure that you will have a trip of a lifetime and the memories to last!
PLEASE, PLEASE join with me and your friends to spend twelve of the coolest days you will ever have in your life!
Meet me at the Summit
Jeff Bauer
Crew Advisor, North Florida Council
2013 National Jamboree

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