Venturing Super Saturday Spring 2008
The Spring 2008 Venturing Super Weekend has come to a close.  It rained, it poured, and most of us got wet (some by choice!), but we think it went well. But what do you think? Please, let us know what you think went well, what did not go well, and what we can do better in the fall!  E-Mail us.

Many of you brought cameras to the VSW.  The VOA would like them! Many people, even people in other states, are interested in how Venturing Officers Associations work, and we want to show them the fun we have at our events! Please e-mail us so we can arrange the (digital) delivery of your pictures to us. Don't worry, we will give credit to you! 

Available Documents (in PDF format):
Leaders Guide
Registration Form

Venture Crew 26's pictures