Kodiak Training 2008

Kodiak Training is a leadership skills course for Venturers to learn leadership to take back with them to their Venture Crews, community, school, and life activities. There are five leadership commissions that are taught within the course:

  • Effective Team
  • Values/Vision
  • Communication
  • Decision Making
  • Planning

The first Kodiak weekend a group of about ten participants and eight staff members took part in a backpacking hike through eight miles on the Florida Trail. The group camped out at Goldhead State Park during that weekend and had a great time making new friends and learning leadership skills. During the trek the participants completed the first two commissions. On Sunday, a church service was held, after which the participants completed the third commission and closed the first weekend.

On the second weekend Kodiak participants met at Cherokee of Georgia Tribal Grounds in St. George, GA. where the staff had planned a Kayaking Trek. The kayaks were launched by 9am Saturday morning despite the cold weather. The whole kayak trip was about eights miles with a stopping point for a lunch break. After lunch commission four was presented to the participants. The group got back to the campsite to thaw out and complete commissions five before dinner. The staff and participants were invited to a Native American “stomp”, a religious ceremony for the Native American Tribe who live on the Tribal Grounds. Next morning the participants made breakfast for everyone to test how their communication skills can come in handy. Once breakfast was eaten there was a church service and the closing session of Kodiak.

During Kodiak Course the participants took a step up in leadership.

Both weekends were great and the staff loved getting to know the participants and see their personalities burst with leadership.


Mrs. Tracy Manno and the youth staff needs to be given a huge thank you for their efforts in making this Kodiak Course a great success.